Record Fairs
Vinyl Daze Record Fairs:
Newport, South Wales 8th April, 2023
Newport, South Wales 15th July, 2023
Penarth, South Wales 16th July, 2023
Penarth, South Wales  15th October, 2023
Newport, South Wales  21st October 2023
Valleys Records Fairs/Wales:
Caerphilly, South Wales 18th Feb, 2023
Penarth, South Wales 19th Feb, 2023
Whitchurch, South Wales  14th May 2023
Whitchurch, South Wales  9th July 2023 

Whitchurch, South Wales 

10th Sep, 2023 
Whitchurch, South Wales  12th Nov, 2023 
Winter’s End Festival, Porthcawl, South Wales 3rd – 5th Feb, 2023
Abertillery Rock & Blues Festival  20th May, 2023 
Steelhouse Festival, Ebbw Vale, South Wales 28th – 30th July, 2023
Call Of The Wild Festival  27th & 28th May, 2023
Firestorm Festival, Manchester, England  10th – 13th Aug, 2023
Stonedead Festival.  25th & 26th August, 2023
Planet Rockstock  29th Nov - 3rd Dec 2023
 Past Record Fairs
Vinyl Daze Record Fairs:
Newport, South Wales 21st Jan, 2023
Newport, South Wales 26th Nov, 2022
Penarth, South Wales 18th Sept, 2022
Valleys Records Fairs/Wales:
Whitchurch, South Wales 9th Oct, 2022